July 3 to 16, 2013 - Poulsbo, WA

We left Ilwaco and drove the familiar 163 miles to Eagle Tree RV Park in Poulsbo, WA.  Our last stay here was in July 2012.

Diane presented Nancie with a quilt.  (These photos do not have the binding on them.)

The front (click on it for a larger photo):

The back (click on it for a larger photo):

The quilt was a definite hit.

The view at the house is slightly different.

A new set of stairs since the house next door has been sold and is no longer in the family.

Another view.

The family reunion was a hit.  Here are Leo and Todd  in Todd's boat.

The modern world.

Father and son.

The photo.

Now we get to pack for our trip to Gregg's memorial.  Evita did not want us to leave.

Of course Evita did not know she was also taking a trip. 

We left the morning of the 10th and came back on the 13th.

Photos and description of the trip to Florence/Reedsport, Oregon

While staying in Poulsbo we ate at King's Wok and Alladin's Palace in Silverdale and Pho T&N in Poulsbo.

Now we are off to visit Bill's mother some more.

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