July 17 to August 3, 2013 - Rochester, Monroe and Blaine, WA

We left Poulsbo on July 17th and drove 96 miles to Outback RV Park in Rochester, WA.  Our last stay was in June.

We had a good visit and ate at Teriyaki Delight and Ramirez Mexican in Tumwater and Beau Legs and German Diner in Lacey.

July 22nd we left Rochester and drove the familiar 114 miles to LTR Thunderbird in Monroe, WA.  Our last stay here was in May and June.

We ended up in the water and electric side, which might be a problem since Diane was in town for a colonoscopy.

Dan and Jenny were also in Thunderbird, but had grandkids with them so we only had a couple short visits.

After a couple days we were able to move to the full hookup side of the campground.

Diane had to be on a low fiber diet for 3 days before the colonoscopy so we had meals at Teddy's Bigger Burgers, Nasai Teriyaki, and Denny's, since they had choices that matched the diet. 

The day before the colonoscopy, Bill left Diane to her prep to not torture her with food she could not eat.  Last August, Diane did the same while Bill did the prep. Since Diane does not like subs, Bill tried  Jimmy John's. He did not like as much at Subway or Quiznos.  He had dinner at The Keg.  Diane survived the prep and slept OK.  In the early morning we drove to Lynnwood where they admitted Diane and sent Bill away.  He had breakfast at Panera Bread.  A while later the clinic called Bill and said it was over so he came and got Diane.  Diane was doing well and the colonoscopy had gone smoothly  Diane also felt like Panera Bread, so we went back.   We then had lunch at Mi Tierra and dinner at Benjarong Thai, definitely not low fiber places.  The next day Diane was feeling normal. 

We had dinner with Ron at Carolina Smoke in Bothell one day and lunch at Gyroworld in Redmond another day.

Now we could play a bit so on July 29th we left Monroe and drove 103 miles to TT Birch Bay in Blaine, WA.  Our last stay here was in August 2011.

One day we walked around Blaine.

The Canadian border crossing at I-5 is visible.

The Blaine Marine Park was a real find.

An osprey.

Lots of other birds.

Drayton Harbor Days was going on later in our stay.

This is the same ship that was in Ilwaco in June.

A modern pirate.

The ship models were great.

As was this small ship.

One day we drove down to Mount Vernon and had lunch with Dick and Pat at Johnny Carinos.

Another evening we had dinner at Olive Garden in Bellingham with Floyd and Patty.

Now we are off to La Conner.

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