August 2001 road trip to Oregon, where we ordered our motorhome

In August we took a week off work and went to Oregon by car, using our trusty Subaru Forester.  A couple days around Eugene and then we drove to Bend for one night and took these pictures on Mackenzie Pass, your rig must be less than 30 feet long for this pass.  It is very volcanic at the top of the pass, much like being on the big island of Hawaii or the far south of Maui.    While in Bend we had a wonderful meal at the Pine Tavern, which is actually a non-smoking restaurant. 

Then we drove to Fort Rock and toured the museum with the old houses and buildings they had collected.

The we moved to Redmond where we stayed with Diane's parents in their motorhome and attended the FMCA convention.  We were going to look at motorhomes and maybe buy one.  Here is a picture of Diane's mother and her furry child O'Malley:

One of the motorhomes we were going to look at was the National RV Dolphin and we found out they brought the new 2002 models to the convention and we had a choice of the Workhorse W22 chassis or the Ford F53 chassis.  We test drove the W22 and liked it and tried a Ford the next day at the dealer in Bend and didn't like it as much.  Before long we had handed over a deposit and had ordered a new motorhome for delivery in late September.  Here are some pictures of the model we toured, some with Diane in them:

We were excited and couldn't wait.  Our time in Redmond was up as was our visit with Diane's parents so we headed back to Eugene for a couple days to finish our vacation.  While in Eugene we took a day trip to Florence and the coast and stopped where lots of people were looking at the water.  Whales!  I tried to get good shots, but the whales were so far away but here are cropped pictures for you to look at:

Then back home to Woodinville, WA and to work while waiting for our motorhome.

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