May 4-9, 2006 - Spring Family Visits in Washington

May 4th we drove the 95 miles to Outback RV Park in Rochester, WA, where we last visited in August 2005.  Here is our campsite, which we have been in before:

We visited Bill's mother in Tumwater and updated her computer both for Windows 98 and McAfee virus scanning.  On reboot the computer errored and was very, very slow.  We spent the next day trying to fix it and ended up at Costco buying a new computer and eventually a new copier/printer/scanner since her old scanner had no Windows XP drivers and the printer needed a parallel port and the new computer just had USB ports.   Our visit mostly ended up working with the computers.

Here is the old computer:

The new computer is small, but has a really nice 19" LCD monitor:

Little box for the computer:

The new all-in-one copier/printer/scanner to replace the old scanner and printer and add the ability to make photocopies:

Bill's sister read that one McAfee update caused problems under Windows 98, so it was probably the problem.  We managed to get Bill's mother back up on email and the internet, but will be coming back on Mother's Day to try to move old email, photos and files between computers.

May 7th we drove 94 miles to Eagle Tree RV Park in Poulsbo, WA, which we last visited in July 2005.  We got our favorite campsite:

We knew from experience to drive the front wheels onto blocks and we also got to try a new sewer hose support that we just bought:

We visited with Nancie and Sandy, who have a new SUV:

The winter storms were more severe this year and broke the stairs away from the dock.  Here are the stairs roped to shore so they can be reattached:

Here is a view of where the stairs were:

Looks so calm and peaceful now:

It was strange to not have Kia with Nancie and Sandy anymore, as we said here.

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