July 17, 2007 - Party for Misty and the Girls

Since Diane's sister Misty and her daughters Sabrina and Taylor were up visiting everyone in Washington they decided to have a party for them in Mukilteo.  We had last seen Misty and the girls at the end of March.  Many family members were there including Misty and Diane's brother Leo and his daughter Katlyn.  Here are photos from the group:

The party room at Chris and Fred's condo has a nice pool, pool table and a view of the ferries.

After the party we got a tour of Chris and Fred's condo just at sunset.  Here is a ferry coming from their condo patio:

Looking down at the pool:

People fishing:

The sunset coming:

The ferry getting closer:

More sunset:

Sunset colors lighting the docks to the east:

More sunset photos:

A very nice condo, a great location and a fun party.

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