October 24 to 28, 2008 - Cottonwood, AZ (Verde Valley)

We left Grand Canyon on October 24th and retraced our route to I-40.  We started seeing a fire in the distance and hoped it was a controlled burn.

It was a controlled burn from some signs on the highway.  This is the last photo before we turned east on I-40.

148 miles after leaving Grand Canyon we were camped at TT Verde Valley in Cottonwood, AZ.  This is about five miles west from WHR Camp Verde, where we stayed in May 2004.  It was warmer here.

Tight to one side, lots of room on the passenger side.

We were able to get the CR1220 battery for the Canon A710 IS at Radio Shack in Camp Verde so we were back in business with both main cameras.

October 25th we tried the China Buffet in Cottonwood for lunch and then drove up to Jerome and above for the view:

Watched this squirrel in the distance but did not get a good photo:

A telephoto of the view into the valley from above Jerome.

October 26 we drove to Prescott to shop at Costco and had lunch at Texas Roadhouse.  Prescott has a brand new Sam's Club so we checked it out while there.  After that we headed back to see Montezuma's Castle.

October 26 Montezuma's Castle National Monument

October 27 Oak Creek Canyon

October 28th we drove back to Jerome to have lunch and visit with Norm and Mary, who we last saw at the Escapade in Gillette, WY.

They picked the Red Rooster Cafe based on web reviews and it was quite a find.  We also had a great visit and hoped to get together again before we leave Arizona.

Our neighbor's cat liked to sit on the windowsill.  You won't see a tail since she is a Manx.  She was also a sweetie.

Now we are off to Casa Grande to visit friends.

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