October 16 to 23, 2008 - Bullhead City, AZ and Grand Canyon

October 16th we headed south on US95 towards Bullhead City, AZ and this is what it looks like once you get south of Boulder City.

We turned west on SR163 and headed to Bullhead City and after 92 miles we were camped at Ridgeview RV Resort.  We were last here November 2006.

Roger and Toni are just a few spaces down.

Watching the sunset over Laughlin on October 17:

October 18th we watched the sunset again and could just get a photo of this quail while the sun went down:

Looked about the same as the evening before.

We didn't do much in Bullhead City.  We visited a bunch with Roger and Toni, including a nice meal at China Buffet.  In fact the only meal out during our stay was the one at China Buffet.

October 20th we headed east to Grand Canyon.  We made two stops, one for diesel fuel and another for lunch in Seligman.  We parked across the street from the "Roadkill Cafe".

More of Seligman:

Our engine gave a check engine after we pulled out for lunch.  We were not finished getting the engine worked on.

209 miles after starting we were camped at Grand Canyon Trailer Village in Grand Canyon National Park:

Nice spot.

That evening we drove to the ranger talk and enjoyed it.  In fact we attended the ranger talk each of the four evenings we were in the National Park and enjoyed them all.  The last evening was the best though, it was called "How Grand Canyon Came to Be" and if you are in the park and see that is the topic for the night you should attend.

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October 22 Drive to Desert View Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6 (Bull Elk)

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Nighttime lows were supposed to be in the teens and twenties while we were here and did get that low at the airport, which is about 10 miles south.  Here in the campground it stayed above freezing the whole time.  Daytime we had one cool and windy day in the 50s, but the other days were in the high 60s and low 70s.  It was mostly sunny the whole stay, which was wonderful.

Before our engine problems we were planning on going to the North rim of Grand Canyon first, but ended up only seeing the South rim.  We need to come back.  Especially to see the Hermits Rest route which was closed for construction.

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