October 21, 2008 - Rim Trail in Grand Canyon, Part 1

We decided to explore by foot and shuttle bus this day. 

But first a photo of a mountain bluebird close to the motohome:

The shuttle bus route:

We took the shuttle bus to the visitors center.  These flowers were at the visitors center.

The visitors center was interesting but not that photogenic. 

We walked out to Mather Point to see the Grand Canyon for the first time.  Diane had been in the park when a child, but this was Bill's first time.

Impressive and our photos do not do it justice.  Of course, no one's photos do it justice.

There is the Colorado River down there:

We kept walking along the rim to the West stopping, looking and taking photos.

Click on this panorama for the 2.84MB full-sized version with the Bright Angel Trail visible:

Another view of the river below with the trail visible:

More views and this one also shows the Bright Angel Trail:

A couple close ups of the trail:

This is a close up of the above photo showing the mules on trail:

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