January 28, 2008 - Naples Zoo in Naples, Florida - Part 1

January 28th we decided to visit the Naples Zoo so we bought tickets online, which saves money, and headed down.  Just after we entered was a reptile demonstration so we headed right to it.

The blue cover gives a strange light color to the demonstration area.  This is how it looked before the demonstration started.

The first reptile, a non-venomous snake.

Then a monitor lizard.

Now we get the venomous snakes.

A diamondback rattlesnake.

Next we went on the plant tour.  The Naples Zoo started as a botanical garden and added the animals later.  The tour was quite interesting but didn't lend itself to photos.  It did give us a tour of the zoo.

Now we had time to see the animals. 

These are local turtles around the alligator pond.

One of the many alligators.

Another shot of the turtles.

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