January 16 to 31, 2008 - Fort Myers Beach, Florida

We continue to enjoy our long stay here in Fort Myers Beach.

Visit with Barb and Dave at Lovers Key January 16th Part 1, Part 2

Shark Valley and Big Cypress January 23, 2008 Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 (Big Cypress)

January 25th we had some glossy ibis come by in front of the motorhome.  They are smaller and darker colored than the white ibis we normally see.  You can just see the "glossy" look on some of them.

January 26th we saw this wood stork by the main lake:

Across the lake at the time was this great blue heron:

Another shot of the stork:

January 27th we saw some brown pelicans and double breasted cormorants:

A group of cormorants.

January 28th we went to the Naples Zoo Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

January 30th we got up early, 5:45AM, to make our 8AM appointment to get a front-end alignment on the motorhome.  We were noticing abnormal tire wear and knew we had developed and alignment problem. 

The alignment was off and was mostly fixed.  Not a cheap day.

We parked the motorhome a bit differently when we came back so the car fit better.  Notice we have tire covers to protect the tires from the sun and do not have a sunscreen on the windshield.  All three of us want an unrestricted view of the wildlife through the windshield so we left the sunscreen off this time.

We hadn't had an Evita photo in a while so here is a new one.

We didn't eat out much during the second half of the month but do have some restaurant reports.  Barb and Dave introduced us to Noodles in Naples on the 16th, an Italian restaurant that also has sushi.  We liked it so much we stopped on the way back from Shark Valley and had dinner there again.  On the 24th we had lunch with a couple who are planning on becoming full-time RVers at Parrot Key Caribbean Grill in Fort Myers Beach, which was good.  We also ate at the Sunflower Cafe and the chains Mimi's Cafe and Bahama Breeze during the time of this journal.

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