January 23, 2008 - Shark Valley in Everglades - Part 1

January 23rd we packed a picnic lunch and got an early start to drive the approximately 110 miles to Shark Valley in Everglades National Park.  We had last visited Shark Valley on January 11, 2006.

It was good we left early because they were paving US41 and we had to wait three places for construction for a delay of about 45 minutes.

When we visited in 2006 the alligators were on the grass by the side of the road.  That day was sunny and hot.  This day was warm, cloudy and had a chance of rain so the alligators were in the water instead of sunning themselves. 

We bought our tram tickets, had our picnic lunch and decided to see what animals were around. 

Here is a great blue heron.

A purple gallinule, voted the prettiest bird in the Everglades.

Alligator gar:

Double-breasted cormorant.

An alligator in the grass and maybe another right behind it.

A green heron unhappy to have someone take its photo.

A tri-colored heron.

A male anhinga.

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