January 16, 2008 - Lovers Key State Park, Florida - Part 1

Barb and Dave had time for us to visit on January 16th so we headed to Lovers Key State Park to visit with them.  We had last visited them here in December 2005.  We had already been together on December 26, 2007.

Here is the beach in the park:

Bird watching, this is a plover.  We don't know what kind (Dave might), it looks like a juvenile Snowy Plover since it has black legs.  Note: Dave says it is a Sanderling. 

Barb shelling:

Dave taking pictures:

Gulls and a dead fish.  The large brown gull is definitely the dominant one.   The big gull thought Barb was going to take the fish when she came up, too funny.

This is a great shelling beach:

That is a lightning whelk seed case (the helix) among the shells:

A willet and a gull facing off:

Plovers and a gull:

Another view:

There are crabs in this photo:

Here are a couple close up shots from the above photo to show the crabs:

Some white ibis in the mangroves:

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