January 16, 2008 - Lovers Key State Park, Florida - Part 2

Barb is always consulting this display:

Barb holding a live fighting conch up for a photo before putting it in deeper water:

A great egret waiting for fish:

Barb going by the same great egret.  Notice Barb has converted to shorts since the day is getting warmer. 

The view north from Lovers Key:

A small dead puffer:

Lovers Key even has cactus:

On our walk back to the car we saw this snowy egret in breeding plumage:

A variety of birds here, a wood stork, a great egret, a couple white ibis and we think the other egret is a juvenile little blue heron since it looks like it has yellow legs and a yellow beak and a snowy egret's beak and legs are black.

A tri-color heron on the left and the same great egret as the above photo on the right.

A close up of the tri-colored heron.

Our beach walk over, we headed out to eat an early dinner at Noodles in Naples, which was great.  Then we came back to Dave and Barb's motorhome for more visiting before we headed home.

We hoped to get together again before Dave and Barb headed north on the 25th but it didn't happen.  We do expect to see them again before we leave Florida.

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