February 1, 2008 - Fakahatchee Strand State Park, Part 1

We again went to Fakahatchee Strand State Park on February 1st.  Our last visit was January 6th.  On the way we had lunch at Bamboo Wok and this time Bill had the shrimp in lobster sauce and Diane tried the chicken egg foo yung.  The food was quite good and the egg foo yung is some of the best we have had.

At the entrance of Fakahatchee was this great egret.

A male anhinga was also close to the entrance.

Plus a photogenic turtle.

What, no "anhinga" on the list?  Of course the anhinga we saw was outside the park.

We didn't see any animals until we got to the end of the boardwalk.  But at the end of the boardwalk we had a show.  Here is a great blue heron.

This big alligator that we think was a female watching her young.

The young alligators were hard to see but here is one shot.

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