February 26, 2008 - Big Cypress National Park and Preserve, Part 1

We decided we only had one last chance to visit Big Cypress so we took our chances and headed out.  Stopping at the first scenic spot, the H. P. Williams Roadside Park, we found out they had between 5 and 7 inches of rain so all the ponds are overflowing and the birds and alligators are harder to find.   We couldn't find a picnic table so we moved on to the next spot, the Kirby Storter Raodside Park, where we had a picnic lunch while watching this thunderstorm grow fast to the north.

It was visibly growing and the bottom was getting darker.  We were glad it was north of us and the wind was blowing it further off.

Then we took the boardwalk at the Roadside Park.  The cypress trees are putting new needles out.

A green anole, which are native.

Cypress swamp.

Bromeliads starting to flower.

Alligator gar in the water:

Other fish in the water.

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