February 20, 2008 - Total Lunar Eclipse

We had clear skies to watch the lunar eclipse on February 20th.  These photos were taken using a tripod and clicking on them will bring up a full sized original photo.

Early in the eclipse (original is 1.18MB)

Another early photo with Saturn above and Regulus to the lower left (original is 1.19MB)

This is closer to how it looked without a camera (original is 439Kb)

Further along (original is 582Kb)

Getting closer (original is 222Kb)

Another photo with less telephoto (original is 204Kb)

Just about a total eclipse with Saturn and Regulus visible (original is 221Kb)

Almost (original 226Kb)

Time to go to bed (original is 220Kb)

A close-up (original is 222Kb)

It was worth staying up for the eclipse.

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