February 16 to 29, 2008 - Eagles and other birds

One day a bald eagle cooperated and Bill got a series of great photos:

This is a photo of the same bald eagle, at least we assume it is the same one, another day when the light was not as good:

Our last morning this bald eagle landed close to our motorhome, Bill caught this photo, and then it took off with something in its beak:

We enjoyed watching this male anhinga dry itself off every day:

Another (maybe) male anhinga drying itself off by the other pond:

A northern mockingbird in the tree in front of the motohome:

A belted kingfisher in a tree out of our windshield:

Some brown pelican photos around the ponds:

Wood stork photos around the ponds:

An osprey hunting over our pond:

The osprey did catch a big fish, but we did not get a photo.

Cormorants, pelicans and anhinga by the other pond:

Some mourning doves in front of the motorhome (Evita loves to watch them):

A cormorant and female anhinga across our pond:

Lots of birds in the reeds by the other pond along with a great blue heron and wood stork:

Ducks, a pelican and a cormorant:

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