July 23 to August 5, 2008 - Poulsbo for Family Gathering

July 23rd we left Birch Bay and headed to Poulsbo, WA.  We drove right through Seattle on I-5 and had one slow down.  After 195 miles we were camped again at Eagle Tree RV Park in our favorite campsite.  It looks about the same as our last visit in June.

We were here for the annual family gathering. 

July 25, Friday of Family Gathering

July 26 The main gathering day Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

July 27, Sunday

July 28 We go to Seattle by Ferry, Part 1, Part 2

After the family gathering we relaxed and didn't do much.  Some of the kids shared something that gave Nancie, Diane and Bill a cough and runny nose.  That slowed us down a bit for a few days.  The weather was also not very cooperative for doing a lot.

After a windy day the water is full of seaweed fragments:

More wildlife photos (Great Blue Heron and Otters)

Flowers in the yard

Pictures of OB


Kylie (looking) and Brandi not looking

Brandi is always moving:

Evita looking cute in the motorhome.  She knows how to keep her cushy lifestyle.

Friend John came over by ferry and brought his CPAP cover back for Diane to use since he had a new model that was a different shape.  Diane is now using it:

We did add the Taprock Northwest Grill to our restaurant choices.  It was a new place we enjoyed and so did friend John.  We also went to New Kings Wok Buffet multiple times, the Clearwater Casino buffet Sunday brunch and Azteca while in Poulsbo area.

Our two weeks in Poulsbo just zoomed by.

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