June 2 to 8, 2008 - Poulsbo, WA

June 2nd we drove from Monroe, WA to our favorite campsite at Eagle Tree RV Park in Poulsbo, WA.  It was 119 miles and we were last here in July 2007.

We got to meet Brandy, the new addition to the family.

Brandy and Kylie watching the world.

Brandy on the left, Kylie on the right.




Brandy and Nancie:

Another OB shot:

More of Brandy:

The dogs outside:

Kylie with Sandy:

Outdoor photos

We had a relaxing week visiting with Nancie and Sandy.  Uncle Bob and Sophia visited one day for French onion soup.  Mostly the weather was cool and wet.  The antics of Brandy, Kylie and OB kept us all entertained.

We did enjoy New King's Wok, Chung's Teriyaki, and the Clearwater Casino Sunday Brunch Buffet for meals out.

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