December 5, 2008 - San Diego Zoo, Part 1

We hadn't been to the San Diego Zoo since March 7, 2005.  Though we had not been members for a while, they recently gave us a deal to renew, so we could go for free.  The added benefit was a coupon book gave us deals for food at both the Zoo and Wild Animal Park so we ate at the Zoo.

When we arrived we noticed that a wildlife show was about to start so we went to it.

First we had macaws flying:

Then a beautiful wolf:

The California Sea Lion:

Audience participation:

Finally an Andean Condor flew for us:

After the show we started touring exhibits.  We took photos of the animals and many of the signs so we could look back and determine animal names.

Komodo Dragon:

Greater Sunbittern:

A large hummingbird (Sparkling Violetear?):

This little hummingbird was very cooperative for photos (Broad-billed hummingbird?):

On to the reptile house where we saw this rattlesnake:

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