December 8, 2008 - San Diego Zoo, Part 1

What a difference a few days make.  On the 5th it was sunny and warm, today it is cloudy and a bit cooler.  But back to the Zoo we came.

We took advantage of our free Skyfari rides, being zoo members, and went up high across the zoo to the Polar Bear Plunge area.  Some views from the Skyfari.

We could see the tops of the aviaries:

After landing we toured the local critters before heading in to see the polar bears.

Sichuan Takin:

This photo causes Bill to remember the Takin at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle that had a cold one day when visited that zoo.

Chacoan Peccary, a relative of the javelina (Collared Peccary):

Nubian Soemmerring's Gazelle:

In back are Southern Lesser Kudu:

Polar Bears who seem quite relaxed:

Turkmenistan Caracal:

Wood Duck:

Western Ruddy Ducks:

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