June 18, 2008 - Old Faithful and More, Part 1

Dave drove and the four of us headed for Old Faithful.

First we slowed down for the bald eagle viewing area:

Tour vehicle at Old Faithful.

Inside while we waited for our buzzer to go off so we could have lunch.

Dave and Connie.

Watching Old Faithful from the balcony while waiting for our lunch buzzer:

The buzzer went off before Old Faithful went off.  We had a good lunch but we all decided we would take picnic lunches from now on to save time.

After lunch we went to watch Old Faithful.

Thare she blows!

Old Faithful Video One (640x480 WMV 1.06MB)

Old Faithful Video Two (640x480 WMV 833KB)

The geyser areas coming back from Old Faithful on the way back to West Yellowstone:

Bubbles video (640x480 WMV 333KB)

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