June 17 to 21, 2008 - Yellowstone National Park

We left Bozeman and had a scenic trip from Bozeman to West Yellowstone

Our "campsite" behind Big Al and Rachelle's motel after 92 miles.  We met Big Al and Rachelle in Florida due to Evita.

We were parked facing their bus on a 15AMP cord.

Their cat and Evita got to watch each other.

We went and visited Dave and Connie who were also staying in town.

The four of us decided to head into town where we did a little shopping before dinner.  The town has multiple painted buffalos like this one:

We all liked seeing this combo drive by:

We had a good dinner at Bullwinkle's with Dave and Connie.

Each day we would tour Yellowstone in the day and visit with Big Al and Rachelle in the evening since they had to be in the office.

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Our group of six (Big Al and Rachelle, Dave, Connie and ourselves) went out to Running Bear Pancake House for breakfast the Sunday we were leaving.  It was great.

Big Al and Rachelle after breakfast:

Dave and Connie:

We had a great time in West Yellowstone.

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