September 18 to 20, 2009 - Carrollton, Ohio

We left Zanesville and headed east on the 18th. After 99 miles we were at A1-Twinvalley Campground just east of Carrollton, Ohio. 

We had a decent campsite with two problems.  The first was when we arrived the power company was doing some work on the local substation, so there was no electricity.  The other was the sewer looked clogged.  After a while the owner and ourselves determined the sewer was usable, you just had to dribble the water in.  Luckily we only needed to dump grey water (shower and sinks).  Once the power came on much of the motorhome did not work and we determined there was an open neutral in our power box.  The owner came up with an extension cord for us to hook up next door and we were in business.

Our reason to be here was to visit David, Bill's sister's grandson, who we last saw in April 2004 when he was much younger.  David and his mother, Tiffany, are living with her parents.  We only had a few minute visit with Tiffany since it was her Army Reserves weekend, but we had all weekend with her parents, Randy and Vicky, and with David himself.

Randy and Vicky's house:


Two of the four cats:

Photos of David, Part 1, Part 2 (for family)

We bought this Lego set as a gift and David went right to work on the camouflage rug:

More Legos on the other side of the room.

David is fun to be around and so were his grandparents. 

We ended up at the local Ponderosa Steakhouse twice with everyone, which was quite good.

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