May 11 to June 2, 2010 - Seattle area: Fall City and Monroe, WA

We left Rochester on May 11th and drove the very familiar route to Tall Chief RV Resort in Fall City, WA.  The trip was 104 miles and we ended up in our favorite campsite:

Our last stay here was in May 2009.  Our stay here is the first part of our annual doctor and vet trip to the area.

May 14th Day Trip to Poulsbo

May 15th Linda and Steven came over and Evita charmed them.  Too bad the flash reflected off of Steven's glasses.

Some of the rhodys at Tall Chief.

We visited with other friends during our time here along with doctor appointments.  Evita needed a dental appointment, which she survived fine.  In addition to Kings Wok in Silverdale we also had meals at Pogacha, Orexi and Ixtapa during our stay. 

May 20th we drove 30 miles from Tall Chief to LTR Thunderbird in Monroe to complete our annual visit to this area.

We ended up two campsites from where we last camped here in May 2009.

It was rainy much of our time in Monroe so no photos. 

We completed our doctor visits and had many visits with friends and family while in the area.  One day we drove up to Mount Vernon to see Dick and Pat.

Now we are done with doctors but still have more visiting to do in Washington State.

We had nice meals at Thai Kitchen, Noodleland, Mayuri, Grazie, Canyons, Minami, Issaquah Cafe, Buzz Inn, and Carinos (now in Mount Vernon) during our time staying in Monroe.

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