February 3, 2010 - Blue Springs State Park, FL, Part 4

More manatees, one with some nasty scars.  Most of these scars are caused by boat propellers, the main danger to manatees.

A female anhinga.

Lots of opportunities to see manatees.  Today's ranger count is 188.

These were quite large fish.

One large alligator.

The second of two great blue herons we saw.  This one was right before the parking lot.

We took multiple videos.  Some of fish and some of manatees.  We figured the good ones of manatees were more interesting than the fish.

Video of a manatee (2.74MB WMV)

Video of two manatees (2.32MB WMV)

Video of another manatee (882KB WMV)

Video of yet another manatee (1.12MB WMV)

It was a great day to see manatees and the other attractions of the state park.

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