July 6, 2011 - Cessna flight to and from Paine Field, Part 2

Downtown Olympia waterfront.

West Olympia.

Mount Baker is now visible.

More interesting views as we head north.


Those aircraft carriers look small up here but are quite large.


Keyport and Poulsbo.

Downtown Poulsbo.

Bainbridge Island.

Mount Rainier is looking different from this angle.  This is more like Seattle's view of the mountain, they don't see the three peaks.

Seattle in the foreground, Mount Rainier in the background.  Diane was born in Seattle.

The Space Needle in the center of the photo.

Paine Field in Everett, our destination.

Harbour Pointe area.

Coming in for a landing with Mount Baker in front of us and the Boeing Everett Plant to the east (right) of the airport.

Video of the landing at Paine Field (8.85MB WMV)

After about an hour and 20 minutes in the air we made the trip that took 4-1/2 hours in the car.

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