July 6, 2011 - Cessna flight to and from Paine Field, Part 3

Future of Flight Museum

We moved over to the Future of Flight Museum. 

The back entrance.

After they let us in, Diane and Rosalie caught a taxi to Mukilteo while Gregg and Bill stayed to tour the museum and have lunch at the museum cafe.  Well, the museum cafe was expensive for what we got, but we were a captive audience and paid.

Then we toured the museum.  The museum is $10, the Boeing Plant Tour is $10 more and needed reservations which we had not done.  The next tour was too late for us so we paid only for the museum.

The museum was not that large.  It was interesting, but it was not going to take us very long.

Bill didn't take many photos.

Then we went up top to look around.  It was a very scenic day.

Looking east towards the Boeing plant.

Mount Rainier to the SouthEast.

Diane and Rosalie came back.  They had a nice lunch at Arnie's and then Diane had her doctor appointment.  We were ready to head back.

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