April 9 to 11, 2012 - Duson, LA and Livingston, TX

We left Summerdale on April 9th and headed west. 

We took I-12 instead of I-10 since we did not need to travel through New Orleans.  (Someday).

What bridge is that?

What river is that?

Yes, the Mississippi River.  Now we are officially back in the "West".

After 295 miles we were camped at Frog City RV Park in Duson, LA.  We last camped here on March 18, 2010.

The next morning we drove 190 miles to Escapee's Rainbow's End in Livingston, Texas.  Our last stay here was in March 2010.

A truck threw a rock at our windshield just before we pulled in the campground.  Here is the rock chip before we repaired it with a kit we have.

Dennis and Carol came by soon after we were set up and said they had a get together the next day.  Dennis was driving and was doing quite well after having his gallbladder removed less than a week earlier.

The next day we drove the car west and put up some "For Sale" signs on some property that Dave and Barb own.  Here is the property. 

Later we went to Dennis and Carol's get together.  We forgot to take photos again until towards the end where Dennis "posed" for us. 

While in town we had a quick meal at Whataburger and tried Joe's Italian for the first time.  Joe's Italian was quite good.

Now we off to see friend's in the Texas Hill Country.

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