May 26 to June 22, 2005 - Around Washington

May 25th Diane got a phone call, there was a cancellation so she could do the sleep study that evening.  Murphy was in full force since we needed to move the next morning and it was decided Bill would move the motorhome, Diane would take the car to Seattle, and Diane would drive to the new campground when her sleep study was complete in the afternoon.  We set up the motorhome so Bill could move it to the next campsite the next morning, it would be easier without the car.   We also printed out instructions for Diane to the next campsite from Seattle since we hadn't been there before.  Diane packed her bag and took off with the car.  Bill made sure he had the basement organized to carry the satellite dish, normally it travels in the car.

On the morning of the 26th while Bill was finishing breakfast Diane called and said her study was over and she would come help move the motorhome.  The daytime part of the study turned out to be needed only if they didn't find a problem at night so they could do further tests.  They definitely found that Diane had sleep apnea in the nighttime study.  Evita was thrilled to see Diane, she was worried all night that she was never coming back.

We drove the 55 miles to TTN/LTR Thunderbird (Thousand Trails/Leisure Time Resorts) in Monroe, WA and opted for a 50AMP water and electric site where we could use our satellite dish.  Here is our campsite where the rear of the motorhome faced the river:

While driving to Monroe the sleep center called to say there was room for her second sleep study that evening.  This study was to figure out what settings were needed for the CPAP she was going to get, so Diane again drove to Seattle for the night.  Evita was not liking Diane being gone in the night one bit.

Monroe was a reasonable distance of about 20 miles from our old house, but it was about 50 miles to the sleep center.  We made one joint trip to the sleep center to get the CPAP and mask and Diane learned to sleep with a mask on and Bill learned to live with the sound.  Bill admits the sound was quieter and more steady than how Diane sounded before.  It was obvious in a couple days how much better Diane was doing using the CPAP, she had so much more energy and many other small problems went away.  It took a few days for Evita to get used to the sound but eventually it was normal to her.

We found a good Indian restaurant in Monroe, the Clay Oven, and had their lunch buffet twice while staying in the area. 

On June 2nd we drove over Stevens Pass on US2 and headed to Suncrest Resort in Moses Lake, WA, 170 miles away.  We had last stayed at Suncrest in July 2003.  We had a membership campground across the interstate we could have stayed at, but our reason for being in Moses Lake was to meet up with our friends Carolle and Ken from Jacksonville, FL and they could not stay at the membership campground.  We did get a Passport America discount at Suncrest Resort.  Here is our campsite:

We had two days to wait for Carolle and Ken, so we washed the motorhome so it looked its best.  They hadn't seen the new motorhome yet.

Carolle and Ken were joining an Adventure Caravans caravan to Alaska on the 8th in Ephrata, WA, fairly close to Moses Lake.  Originally we were going to keep in contact while we were both in Alaska and meet up, but since we were not going to Alaska we met here. 

On June 4th they drove in and here is their motorhome:

We had a great visit and caught up with their adventures since we last saw them in January 2004

June 6th they headed out to meet up their caravan and we drove 162 miles back to Tall Chief in Fall City for two weeks, getting our favorite campsite:

Diane's parents ended up one campsite over part of our stay and we got more visiting in with them:


One day Bill was walking around and noticed this motorhome and car were from Hawaii:

We had been in Hawaii and hadn't seen a motorhome this large there.  Turns out the car and motorhome were stored on the mainland and had never been to Hawaii.  The owners are Hawaii residents so they are licensed in Hawaii.

We were glad to be close to Seattle since we needed to get a different kind of CPAP mask for Diane since the first one was distorting her face after a while.  Now she had two different kinds, but the second we had to pay for since insurance only pays for one mask.  It was turning out to be a good idea to not travel to Alaska this summer, we decided it was best to stay within a day's drive of Seattle in case more problems came up.  We didn't go to Life on Wheels since it was too far away.  We decided the Washington coast was within a reasonable distance from Seattle so we rearranged our schedule for the summer with a lot of time on the Washington coast.

One day some deer came through our campsite and Evita could not tell how large they were from inside the motorhome and watched them like squirrels.  We are sure that she would not have behaved the same way if she was outside:

We arranged to visit Rochester, WA again before finding out Bill's mother was going to be out of town.  That just gave us more time to visit other people, Olympia is Bill's hometown.

On June 20th we drove the 104 miles to Outback RV Park in Rochester again, we were last there in May:

We visited friends and hung out in the greater Olympia area.

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