January 3, 2007 - San Diego Wild Animal Park, Part 1

The San Diego Wild Animal Park is fairly close to the campground and is a place we have visited multiple times in the past.  Our last visit was March 9, 2005.

This was also an opportunity for Bill to try the new camera and it worked quite well at animal pictures.  Most of the pictures here were taken with the new Canon A710 IS camera.

Parrots next to where we had lunch at the park:

We took the tram trip and it was quite full.  The tram is shorter than in the past since they are doing a lot of remodeling and will be replacing the tram system in the process.  The remodeling is scheduled to be complete in Spring 2007.

Here is the new baby African elephant:

We stopped for this lion:

While stopped the lion moved under the brush, this shows how well camouflaged the lion is:

Mongolian Horse:

I guess we are interesting:

Both the deer and rhino were sharing the meal just before this picture was taken:

Baby Indian Rhino on extreme telephoto:

Interspecies grooming:

Giraffe from a distance:


After the tram we headed down to Heart of Africa.  These are pictures from that walk. 

A stork.

Eastern Giant Eland:

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