March 5, 2008 - Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, Part 1

We took the free roads from our campground to Merritt Island/Titusville area and it took way too long.  We again had lunch at TGI Friday's in Merritt Island, we knew it was good.  Then we moved on to see the refuge.

In November we were a bit early for most of the wildlife and the space shuttle launch in December kept us from visiting during peak season since they close the refuge a few days before the launch.  Now we had another space shuttle launch and had to visit before the closure.  It was past peak season.

Our first good bird photo is a glossy ibis.

We saw many tri-colored herons.

We think the bird in the middle of the photo is a reddish egret due to its size, dark color and very active behavior, but it was never close enough to confirm.

Lots of ducks.

Another shot of the bird we think is a reddish egret.

A great egret.

A great blue heron (top), white ibis and another tri-colored heron.

This time we saw alligators.

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