January 6, 2008 - Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park, Part 5

A large portrait of the great egret:

Another hawk visible in the trees on the way back.  Some other people said they were sure it was a red shouldered hawk.

Even a squirrel came to entertain us.

Our alligator is still on the log and the angle of the sun gives us some better photos.

By US41 this alligator is hanging around.

So is this great blue heron also in full breeding plumage.

We  really enjoyed our walk out the trail and boardwalk.  We were glad our friends Dave and Barb recommended it.

Since we enjoyed this part of Fakahatchee we decided to take the scenic road through it off SR29 a few miles Northeast.   The scenic road soon became a dirt road with forest on each side and very few spots to stop.   We were not the only ones on it but we were not seeing anything.  After a few miles we told the GPS to take us home and it said to keep going so we kept going.  The road often had big chuck holes, and we could not see much.  Eventually the road came out to a T intersection with another road and the GPS led us for many miles of dirt road and eventually paved road and finally to civilization and home.  Our view is don't bother with the "scenic" road in Fakahatchee.

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