February 16, 2008 - Sanibel Island and Ding Darling NWR, Part 1

We decided that it was a nice day and Sanibel Island would not be too crowded on a weekend.  We were wrong.  Here is the line of cars inching forwards.

Turned out to be an Arts and Crafts Fair:

Here is the sign.

Once past the fair traffic was easy.  We decided it was too early for lunch so we again went to the Bailey Tract, which we visited on January 11.

We hadn't noticed this sign the last time we were here.

Our first wildlife was a butterfly:

This time we did see an alligator.  The only alligator we saw all day.

A couple photos of a turtle:

Some moorhens:

A northern mockingbird let us get really close.

Pied-billed grebe.

A tri-colored heron.

Now we were ready for lunch so we headed out of the Bailey Tract.  We did not dare head back to the heart of Sanibel with the traffic so we headed to Captiva Island to try Green Flash, which had great reviews.

The view from Green Flash, where every table has a view.

Green Flash was a 4-star place and the prices were reasonable for the view.  We decided that if we come onto Sanibel again we will head to Green Flash for lunch.

Another photo of one of the two identical spec houses being built in Captiva.  These are both for sale so the builder is building them on "speculation".

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