November 24 to December 2, 2008 - Yuma, AZ

We pulled out of Mesa on November 24th heading to Yuma.  We topped off the motorhome fuel and then headed south to Gila Bend to meet up with I-8.  We stopped and had lunch in the Gila Bend Elks lodge parking lot, where Bill is a member.  Then off we went to Yuma to stay with our friends Dan and Jenny on their lot.  We last stayed on their lot in February 2007, but they were not there then and they had since added a casita.

Here is how we were camped after 198 miles.

A view from across the street shows how different the place looks than when we were here in 2007.

November 25 was a bit of a lazy day. 

Here is Evita getting a walk with Biff watching:

A bird on the ocotillo:

A hummingbird on the ocotillo:

Jenny with Felix and Biff behind her and Diane to the right:



November 26 Rain and Mittry Lake

November 27 Thanksgiving

November 28 Photos.  Here is Evita being tortured by Sasha, who is outside:

We met up with Joy and Phil at this restaurant:

Diane, Phil and Joy.  It was great to see them again.

Happy Greek Chef is a winner.

November 29 we went to the Yuma Marketplace with Dan, Jenny, Ken and Bea.

Afterwards we had lunch.  Diane, Jenny, Dan, Ken and Bea:

Later Dan and Jenny showed us the area including "Boot Hill":

November 30 we went back to Mittry Lake for more Boomer socializing.

December 1 Bird Photos

December 2 Christmas Decorating

We had a great time in Yuma with Dan and Jenny.  Mostly we ate in but we did introduce them to Mimi's Cafe.

Now we will move on to the San Diego area.

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