February 7 to 22, 2011 - Hesperia, CA

When we went to pay for a fourth week at Desert Willow we learned that in California we could only camp in one place for three weeks if not on monthly rates.  We had to find a place to stay at least one night.  But our timing was great since Misty had the septic people coming out so we moved next to her house for a couple nights on the 14th to be there for them.

We last stayed by the house in March 2009.

Snickers had to challenge Evita.  They are about the same size and Evita does not back down, but she really doesn't want to fight.

The septic people came on the 15th and finished up after Misty was home.  It was still useful that we were at the house.

On the 16th we moved back to Desert Willow and got our campsite back.

With strong winds coming we left the sunshade off and did not put the dish completely up the first night.

Diane's parents came to town for a few days starting the 19th.  The 19th was when Taylor was in a play based on Alice in Wonderland, which we went to in the evening.

The stage before the play.

It was too dark to take good photos during the play so we have some videos.

These videos are mostly for family and some are quite large.

Video 1, The intro (1.62MB WMV)

Video 2, The cast intro (21.6MB WMV)

Video 3, intro transiting to play (3.05MB WMV)

Video 4, I'm Late (Taylor) (22.9MB WMV)

Video 5, Tweedledum and Tweedledee (9.53MB WMV)

Video 6, The Flowers (9.27MB WMV)

Video 7, The Caterpillar (26.5MB WMV)

Video 8, The group photo (522KB WMV)

(Bill couldn't upload the big ones our normal way since they would time out, but Starbuck's free wifi worked great.  He did have a latte at Starbuck's while doing the upload.)

We took multiple photos of the cast at the end and this is the best one.

It was windy and cold that night and our sunscreen blew off and needed to be retrieved. 

In the morning there was snow on the steps.

And the dish.

Nice sunny day after the snow and wind.

The sunscreen back on.

With the group we went out to Mimi's, Rock-n-Bowl, Golden Gate and Red Robin during this time.  One day we drove down to Rancho Cucamonga and had lunch at Fuddrucker's.  We also ate at Go Bangkok and Johnny
Carino's during this time.

We and Diane's parents are taking off on the 23rd.  They are heading north, we are staying close by since we have to come back for more medical appointments.

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