November 16 to 25, 2012 - Tucson, AZ

We moved 14 miles on November 16th to Lazydays Campground.  A very nice campground and not very crowded:

There are orange, lemon and grapefruit trees here and the fruit is free.  The oranges were quite good.

This is an easier location to see the city and Costco is very close by. 

November 17th we went to Colossal Cave Mountain Park, east of Tucson.

Photos from our November 17th trip to Colossal Cave Mountain Park

November 18th we drove south almost to the Mexico border to the artsy town of Tubac.

Photos from our November 18th day trip to Tubac, AZ

The weather was getting better so we went to the Sonora Desert Museum on the 20th. 

Photos and Videos of the Sonora Desert Museum on the 20th, Part 1, Part 2

A small trailer at the campground.

Bill thought he was getting up early the day after Thanksgiving to get to Costco when it opened.  But it turned out what we wanted was already marked down just before Thanksgiving.  We did stop by Costco on the 23rd, the day after Thanksgiving, and picked up a couple smaller items.  Then we had lunch at Good Egg and went to the Tucson Botanical Gardens.

Photos from the Tucson Botanical Gardens on November 23

We went to a holiday craft show on the 24th.

It was fun and Diane found a couple items for gifts.

Dru and Steve were now back in town, mostly recovered from jet lag and ready for company.  On the 25th we met Dru at Liv Cafe & Bistro for lunch, quite nice, and then went to their house.  Steve made it back from his trip to retrieve their cat from where it was staying while they were gone.  We got a tour of the house and had a really nice visit.  We will probably see them again while we back in the area in the winter.

We enjoyed Tucson but have decided to visit one of our favorite places for a couple days before we head back into California instead of staying a few days longer.

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