April 14 to 17, 2013 - Coalinga and Morgan Hill, CA

We left Hesperia on April 13 and drove 243 miles to the Coalinga Elks lodge.  It was very windy part of the trip, but we did fine.

We were last here on December 10th and this time we were not alone.

April 14th we drove 136 miles to Thousand Trails Morgan Hill.  We were last here in December.  This time we get to monitor the dumpster.

Dave and Barb were also here, whom we last saw while in Mesa.  One day we toured three wineries with them.  It was fun and we should do so more often.  We did buy some wine and so did they.

Here is a photo from the winery with the best decor but not the best wine.

Bill was happy to see a 2002 Dolphin in the campground.  We rarely see that year, the same year we owned.

We finally found a tow bar cover in stock at the local Camping World, so now we can protect it when we camp.

We showed off Mamma Mia's in Gilroy to Barb and Dave, on the night of the week they have whole bottles of house wine for one cent.  It was a hit for the food, but the effectively free wine made it even better.

Now we are off to see our friend Brian.

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