Our House in Woodinville, WA

We really liked our large house in Woodinville, WA.  It was very calming and we had put a lot of effort into the back yard, making it seem like a botanical garden. 

Here are some pictures of the outside in July 2001:

The driveway had a strong slope to it and we didn't take large vehicles on the left side, you can see the gouges delivery trucks had made in the pavement.  It was difficult enough for a large vehicle on the right side. 

Here is a picture of the front from October 2001:

Here are some pictures from the rear lawn looking down at the house:

Here are some pictures of the garden in July 2001:

Here are some garden pictures from October 2001 with some fall colors:

Here is a living room shot:

And one of the entryway:

Pictures of the yard in the January 2002 snow

Spring bulbs coming out in March 2002

May 2002 garden

June 2002 garden

February 2003 garden

May 2003 garden

May 2003 inside

Final changes and preparing to sell in June and July 2003

The house sold while we were in Henderson Harbor, NY.