Diane's Plastic Canvas Creations

Diane has been creating with plastic canvas since fall of 2004.  She made a large number for Christmas that year, but we didn't take pictures of them.

This is a tissue box for Diane's sister Misty:

Here are a barrette holder and tissue box for Bill's mother in the colors of her cat, Meesha:

Here is the tissue box in use:

These next ones were done for our friend Carolle.  It was a windy day when we went to take pictures of them, so these are inside pictures.  These are of a church tissue box:

A swan tissue box:

A long tissue box:

A box of coasters, closed and then open with coasters (sorry for the cat food in the picture):

Here are some Christmas stuff, the box does open:

Diane donated these to Escapees CARE gift shop:

Some small items, a Christmas box and a card holder (playing cards):

Diane made items for Misty's family in Spring 2006

Diane made a cover for her CPAP

Holiday projects for 2006

Sunflower Cereal Container

Kitty CPAP Cover from February 2007

Sabrina's Tote from April 2007

Taylor's Tote from April 2007

Tissue Boxes from Spring 2007

Rosalie's new CD/DVD box from August 2007

Holiday Stuff for Carolle in March 2008

Diane gets more interest in card holders than any other project so here is a set using different variegated yarn and four different conchos she made in November 2008.

Fronts with pockets:

Rears showing the Conchos (the Conchos are from Craft City in Mesa, AZ).

Ark Box for Christmas 2008

April 2009 Projects for Brian and Kimberly

Notepad Holder for Carol and Dennis in September 2010

Box for Sarah in February 2012

Projects for Linda in April 2012

Casey's Grey Box in Mary 2012

Small Christmas box August 2012

Another small Christmas box September 2012

Plastic Canvas Easter Bunny Candy Dish for Christmas 2012