August 9 to 11, 2010 - Reed Point and Glendive, Montana

We left Missoula on August 9th and it was cloudy and did not look nice.

Just outside Bozeman we saw this large and nasty looking thunderstorm.

Oh, oh, it is coming our way!

It came our way.

No hail, but it was windy, very wet and everyone slowed to 5mph during the worst of it.    The engine got wet enough our tachometer stopped working a couple times.

Once through the storm we only had some off and on rain showers. 

After 297 miles we were camped at Old West RV Park in Reed Point, MT for the night.  Our last stay here was in July 2009.

It is nice to have the car following us again.

The yellow cord was hooked to a battery charger which we use when we leave the car hooked up at night to top off the car battery.  The CRV has a little battery and it does not reliably stay charged over two days of travel.

Our original plan was to go through South Dakota, but since the Sturgis Rally was going on, there was no room for us.  We decided to again go through North Dakota even though we had taken that route the year before.  But we didn't have to stop at the same places as last year and decided to stop at the places we stopped in 2003.

So on August 10th we drove 279 miles to Glendive RV Park in Glendive, Montana.  We had last stayed here in August 2003.

It looks about the same as in 2003.

After setup we headed into town to buy a picnic lunch for the next day.

August 11th was a hot day with a forecast high of 97.  We went to Makoshika State Park, a place we visited in August 2003.

Photos from Makoshika, Part 1, Part 2

Now we are heading into North Dakota.

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