September 29 to October 9, 2011 - Oregon to Wyoming

We left Rochester on September 29th and drove 221 miles south to Carrier and Sons in Eugene, OR to get some repairs done.  Our last stop here was in May.

The main issue was our rear heat pump/air conditioner was not working.  Friday morning they diagnosed the problem and ordered the part to arrive on Monday.  We were staying the weekend.

Friday afternoon we visited the Springfield Farmer's Market and Bill bought some bread.

Then we walked part of the Riverbank Path System in Eugene.

Saturday was wetter but we still visited the Lane County Farmer's Market in Eugene.

After that we had lunch at Casablanca and really enjoyed it.  We had meant to try this restaurant in the past and were glad we finally did.

Sunday we drove over to Florence hoping it would be less wet since the forecast said so. The forecast was wrong.  We did go back to Morgan's Country Kitchen for lunch and enjoyed it.

We also had coffee at Siuslaw River Coffee Roasters and this is the view from their deck.

Monday morning, October 3rd, the part came in, our heat pump worked and we could be on our way.  But first we stopped at Les Schwab Tire to diagnose a leak.  It turned out to be a valve extender issue and they did not have any so we took the extender off and decided to head out.

We decided it was best for us to drive all the way to Burns, Oregon so after 270 miles we arrived just at sunset at The Old Camp Casino RV Park.  Our last stay here was in April 2008.

There were only two RVs here and the other was another green Dutch Star, a few years newer than ours.

It got cold at night so we were glad both heat pumps worked.

On the 4th we drove 174 miles to Garrity RV Park in Nampa, ID for a two night stay.  We last camped here in April 2010.

We loved this air conditioning unit on a neighboring trailer.

We drove into Boise and picked up the valve extenders at Camping World while in town but since it was wet and cold we did not do much of anything else.

October 6th we drove 301 miles to Golden Spike RV Park in Brigham City, Utah.  Our last stay here was in April 2008.

We were waiting out cold weather so we stayed two nights and it was cold.  We did drive down to Ogden and resupplied at Costco with a lunch at Texas Roadhouse since it was open for Friday lunch.

The weather was a bit better on the 8th so we headed into Wyoming.  Looking around we were not sure we were being smart.

Just before we got to our destination of Rawlins, Wyoming it started to snow.  Here we are camped with snow coming down at RV World Campground.  Our last stay here was in August 2007.

Birds looking for food while it snowed.

It did not end up as cold a night as predicted and it was beautiful in the morning.

The CRV was covered with snow.

Now we are ready to meet our friends in Colorado.

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