April 23 to 30, 2008 - Utah, Idaho and Oregon

We originally were planning to take US40 from Steamboat Springs east and take two days to Brigham City, Utah.  Discussing the roads with Liz and Ann we changed our plans and looking at camping choices we decided to make the run to Brigham City in one long day.

Trip to Brigham City, Utah

After 418 miles we arrived at Golden Spike RV Park in Brigham City, Utah.  We had called ahead and had our campsite number since it was expected the office would be closed but the owner was still around when we arrived.   Another 400+ mile day, but that seemed better than three one night stops.

We had stayed here in 2002 but did not take a campsite photo.

We did remember the nice views from the campground. 

We liked Golden Spike much more than the place we stayed in Ogden in fall so it was worth driving about 25 more miles.

April 24th we headed west on I-84:

Back in Idaho:

More mountains:

It was a bit windy, but after 285 miles we were camped at Mountain View RV Park in Boise, Idaho for two nights. 

We had not stopped at Boise before to do anything more than get fuel so we did a bit of exploring and tried a couple restaurants.   Interestingly a buffet restaurant called "Chuck-A-Rama" was 3-star.

On the 26th we left Boise behind, but we will probably be back in warmer weather.

After 191 miles we landed at the Old Camp Casino RV Park in Burns, Oregon.  This is a small casino, it is the tent like structure in the background. 

Only a few of us are here and it is very quiet.   A nicer and much cheaper choice than Burns RV Park, where we stayed in August 2004

April 27th we left the quiet campground and headed west to Sunriver, Oregon just south of Bend.  This is typical of the drive:

The mountains of the Cascades were just visible, this photo is a bit enhanced to show the Sisters:

Mount Bachelor:

We maneuvered through Bend and headed south to Thousand Trails Bend-Sunriver where we landed after 152 miles:

While looking for a campsite we encountered two others we knew.  To the left is a couple we met in Bushnell, Florida in November 2005.  Over the satellite dish is Chuck, who we met in Seward, Alaska in 2006 and at the Spring Escapade in 2007.

We had time so we headed into Bend and got new tires on the CRV at Costco, which we needed.  Now we have a new battery and new tires on the CRV.   We had another nice dinner at the Pine Tavern.  The next day we explored the Bend area again, a place we have been many times before.

Originally we were going to stay 3 nights in Sunriver but the weather forecast was going cold and we did not want to get snowed on.  We called to see if we could come in a day early for our appointment in Eugene and they said "come on over".

April 29th we woke up and it was cold.  We had some snow coming down and we were worried we had messed up.  We headed south to take OR58 over Willamette Pass and were glad to see many trucks coming the other way that had no snow on them.  Crossing the pass was not much trouble at 5,100 feet but coming down the other side about the 3,000 foot mark the snow started and came down fairly hard.  It was melting as soon as it hit the windshield and the road, but it was still a bit scary in a big rig with no snow tires.  Below 2,500 feet it changed to intermittent rain and we had a nice drive to Carrier and Sons in Eugene, OR.   After 152 miles we were checked in, our leveling system was checked and a part was ordered that would come in the morning of the 1st.  Here is our "campsite": 

We had last been at Carrier and Sons June 15th, 2007.  We like the work they do and how friendly and accommodating they are.

Diane's parents were in town for a shopping trip from their volunteer position at the Umpqua Lighthouse in Reedsport, Oregon.  We had a nice visit and dinner at Chili's. 

On the 30th they took the motorhome away to work on the main awning, the main slide, and to lube, oil, and filter (LOF) both the chassis and generator.  They put a sign on the door saying there was a cat inside so we did not have to take Evita with us.

Other than keeping ourselves busy and having lunch out we were able to have a short visit with Deb and Greg Holder of AM Solar, including seeing their new place:

When we last visited them here in May 2007 this was raw land.  We were glad they could take some time from their busy schedule to catch up.

All but the new part for our leveling system was installed when we got back to the motorhome.  They could not make our main awning fail and neither could we.  We suspect it needs to be hot weather to have a problem with the power awning.  Evita charmed the techs and was well behaved.  Our part, a new control panel, should come in the morning UPS truck by 11AM and will take just a few minutes to install and test.  Then we will be on our way back into Washington State.

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