Our 2004 Newmar Dutch Star

On May 14th, 2004 we picked up our special order Newmar Dutch Star.  This is the floorplan, which is the same between 2004 and 2005:

Our first view of our motorhome, just before we signed paperwork:

The Dolphin and Dutch Star side-by-side at the dealer as we moved stuff between them and they worked on the Dutch Star warranty list and towing package.

The Dolphin and Dutch Star side-by-side at Mesa Regal Resort, with the sites paid for by the dealer.  This is where we finished moving our stuff between the motorhomes.

Both motorhomes were on 50AMP service and the daytime high was 102.  The Dolphin's air conditioners (two at 13,500BTUs each) ran constantly and were unable to keep up, the Dutch Star air conditioners (two at 15,000BTUs each) would cycle off every once in a while.  The Dutch Star was 5' longer, but better insulated. 

More views of the Dutch Star at Mesa Regal:

Interior shots at Mesa Regal while we moved in.  Excuse the mess.


Looking forward from the bedroom:


Living area:

At Mesa Regal once the Dolphin was moved:

Bill hooked up the RV Underskirt and didn't realize the exhaust would melt it.  This is what happened on our first long trip.  We ended up never using the RV Underskirt again.

Changes through the years:

Solar panels in September 2004.

TV Changes in October 2009

New TV trim in July 2010

The new chair in September 2010

Our new sunscreens that we got in October 2010, and when tightened in January 2012.

New shower door in May 2011

New blinds in the living room in January 2012

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