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08-October-13: In Eugene, OR - added 2013 travel journals September 3 to 15 Ellensburg and Kennewick, WA and September 16 to 29 Rochester and Ilwaco, WA

02-October-13: In Eugene, OR - added 2013 travel journals August 4 to 6 La Conner, WA, August 7 to 20 Rochester, WA, and August 21 to September 2 Chimacum, WA

29-September-13: In Ilwaco, WA - added 2013 travel journals June 19 to 27 Ilwaco WA, June 28 to July 2 Ilwaco, WA, July 3 to 16 Poulsbo WA, and July 17 to August 3 Rochester, Monroe and Blaine, WA

24-August-13: In Chimacum, WA - The computer is back, now to catch up and get some updates out.

10-August-13: In Rochester, WA - The computer used to maintain this website will be in for repairs for a while. 

24-June-13: In Ilwaco, WA - added obituary for Diane's father, Gregg Melde, who died May 7, 2013.  This included a link to all of our Cessna flights in the journal.

Escapees - If you like to RV, Escapees is the organization to be a member of.

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